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ParkShore Dentistry welcomes you to our website's page with all the latest news about our Naples dental care practice. Here you will find news items about the latest services, procedures, and treatments we are offering our Naples area patients, as well as other information about our team members, practice, and other topics related to dental care in Naples.

  • 5/9/2019

    New Technology Acquisition
    Image of New Technology Acquisition
    ParkShore Dentistry announces its acquisition of 3 shape trios. Our 3D scanner has taken the place of traditional, gooey dental impressions, making your dental experience more pleasant. We can capture an exact digital replica of your teeth and bite. The quickly-scanned image is immediately transferred electronically to the lab for a quicker turn-around time.
  • 5/7/2019

    New ParkShore Dentistry Website
    Image of New ParkShore Dentistry Website
    ParkShore Dentistry is pleased to announce the launch of our all new website. Our new website is designed to be compatible with all types of mobile, laptop, and desktop computing devices. Additionally, our website will enable our team to share a variety of useful information about various topics related to the services and treatments our dental office in Naples offers to our patients.
  • 5/7/2019

    New Team Member
    Image of New Team Member
    ParkShore Dentistry is pleased to announce that Mary Foster has joined our team as a dental assistant. Mary comes to us with over 19 years of dental experience. Mary loves getting to know each patient and easing our patients' fear of going to the dentist. In her free time, Mary enjoys spending time with her three sons.